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Drinkwater Flats is a great area for any SUV or 4X4 owner that needs to get their feet wet.  Here you can experience a little of everything from minor rock crawling, traversing ruts, hill climbing and hill descents that will have your passenger white as a ghost.  Here you will learn some valuable lessons regarding tire air pressure, hill climbing, negotiating obstacles and of course hill descents without braking.  Drinkwater Flats in located about 15 minutes north of Valencia and only 4 miles up San Francisquito Canyon Road off the Copper Canyon Road turn off.  The staging area is too your left and the trail head is on your right.  Be sure to air down to an adequately LOW tire pressure before ascending the hill, Ďcus soon youíll have another substantially larger hill to climb.  You will soon learn that if the air pressure is too great you will loose traction and may have to back down.  Believe me you donít what to back down any hill if at all possible.  Not only does it feel uncomfortable it is unsafe if done improperly.  Now that you have mastered the tire pressure gig youíll be able to run the rest of the trail(s) without much difficulty.  You can do the total east ridge route to the west ridge route run and return back to the staging area or continue over to Del Sur Road over to Bouquet Canyon.  From Bouquet Canyon you can run over to Rowher Flats, do the ridge run up to Paloma Peak or you could try your luck at a very steep run straight up from the Bouquet Canyon Reservoir.  Either way youíll fine much to do and much to see.  The best time to run Paloma Peak is during the Poppy festival in the Antelope Valley.  From the peak you can see miles and miles of orange fields covering the landscape of west Lancaster.  Donít forget to check out the pictures.  Also if you would like to get some off road experience in, just drop us a line and we'll get you set up.

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